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About Us

creating a community of dog lovers to protect our beloved breed

MyDoggieKingdom is a company founded by some of the best breeders and dog owners in the country, with years of experience in the pet industry. Along our journey we all faced similiar problems and have witnessed major injustices upon a thing we all love a care for so much for which is our beloved dog, a mans best friend and a member of our families. we consider animals as more than pets and hate to see them being mistreated, over bred and used for profit and gain whilst not even providing proper care and facilities for thier animals.

Dog Walker

We as dog lovers came together and thought long and hard of a ways to decrease the immoral breeding and eliminate the risk of being scammed by creating a platform ran and controled by you the public. a platform where breeders have to be transparent in the way they breed and where the good humane and approved breeders can shine and build their reputations and profiles so buyers can feel more comfortable purchasing their new addition to thier homes. 


On the App you can create a profile and upload images and videos of your dogs and build a profile so that customers can go through pictures of your previous litters and do research on the breeder they are buying from all in one place, people will be able to comment on photos and reccomend breeders they think are good breeders. you will be able to report someone that breaks the guidelines of the community and all breeders profiles will be verified before they can advertised litters. Every breeder on the platform will have to provide name, address, identification and profiles will be connected via Facebook as too make it hard for people with fake profiles to join and sell puppies.


We also will have chatrooms and a market place where you can buy and sell used or new pet related items aswell as our own mydoggiekingdom store that has products from some of the best small businesses throughout the UK.


Our aim is to give the platform to the dog loving community so they can use it to protect our beloved animals and also to connect businesses and dog breeders, lovers and pet seekers all over the UK in a safe hassle free way monitored by yourselves, therefore weeding out the bad inhumane breeders not giving them a leg to stand on. if we can make this the first and only place people go to buy puppies and check on breeders reputations we will eliminate the sites adding to the consumption of our beloved dogs for sheer greed and will help us save and protect them for generations to come.


Here at mydoggiekingdom the dog comes first. 


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